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video streamingThe Internet has been shaping our lives to a great extent for years now. Variably or invariably we are dependent on the Internet. It has not only captured the world in our homes, but also helps us carry the world in our pockets. Online video sharing is one such wonders of the Internet. Eight years back one might have not been much familiar to video sharing but that was the infant period of video sharing, video hosting and live streaming. Ever since then, there was not looking back. Video sharing and going viral has been growing at a fast pace.

The world began to experience, in mid 2011, HD Video, and 780p was High Definition standard, 1080p was in talks but not in application. There were complaints on online video to be glitchy and a pain to watch. It was then that the broadcasting agents started laying the foundational network that would enable videos to be distributed in less than half a second, all around the globe. Over the past seven years there has been a change in the availability of technologies, bandwidth and protocols. Today, we have easy access to watching full HD videos online and liquid network broadcasting has been growing along with the trend. For a deeper insight on the changing trend of broadcasting and the services offered you can refer to

Video sharing

You will definitely want to capture your moments and send it to your family members through mails. Few years back it was not possible to send your full length videos over emails but that is no more an issue now. Through Ebb Tide you can share your videos by Liquid broadcast. This is a faster multimedia sharing platform where you can share your share your video and picture files online with your friends and family without having to share with the rest of the world. Not only this, it allows you to integrate your images and videos into your websites. You can deliver the full content even if it is large.

Video Streaming

HTTP streaming is the new medium for live video hosting and HTML5 video tag simplifies the integration process. The liquid Broadcast CDN by integrating live stream transcode services has overcome the cost incurred in the equipments required to produce live HTTP content.  Live HD video streaming hosting is on demand and has been delivering live HD videos online for the last four years.

Liquid broadcast offers basic live streaming hosting services to ministries, churches and other nonprofit organizations. They offer it to these organizations at affordable prices. Also the website offers wedding services tailored for each and every moment. You can trust on them for a superior live video broadcast which can reach out to your friends and families who might not be have been present on that special day. Besides, you get unmatched customer help from the website. It provides an option to immediately post an archive of your event online as soon as the live stream is completed, giving fast access to your videos.

Thus, to conclude, for an unparallel video sharing and hosting experience, you need to visit and you will not be disappointed.