Essential criteria for getting a Data Entry Job

Data Entry JobWhat is Data entry?

The process of transmuting info into electronic forms is referred as data entry and for doing so word processing or data processing software installed in the computer can be made used. It may looks like doing such process is too complicated but in real which is not so. Anybody with basic computer skills and education can get these tasks without any previous experience.

Skills required for Data entry

Fresher level jobs for data entry work can be performed by any individual without any past experience, but still, the person requires possessing good keyboarding skill which enables speed typing of information. Data entry work can be done in speedy way if the individual pave full attention in detail into the project. Depending upon the required typing speeds which may get varied from one employer to other, all projects dealing data entry work expects the performers to input the data at speeds which will be usually set by the boss.

In this current job market, getting a data entry job opportunity is not so difficult. In most of the sectors, data entry is considered similar to that of other jobs like telemarketer or phone representative. In order to get employment as a data entry worker one can keep in mind few aspects like improving their keyboarding skills, frequently go through the job classifieds that may be published in their respective location, submitting their resume along with detailed cover letter to those companies that are recruiting data entry workers, following up the companies regarding the job application, expanding the network of people.

Improved typing skills

One should know how to make use of the data entry software or else it may lead them to lose the job opportunity and most of the companies will not prefer offering training for the data entry worker and even they will not find time to do so. Most commonly, the company expect their employee to be familiar with the software they make use for data entry. Frequently opted choices of software by the companies for data entry work are Microsoft office Suite and Open office.

Tips on how to apply for the job

In general, data entry job opportunity will be listed on online sites and hence the persons seeking such job can check it out in job portals or can even call the concerns to understand where they post their advertisements regarding job vacancy and can continue search accordingly. It is significant that the person who is applying for the job to confirm regarding their resume zealously, as any spelling errors or formatting mistakes which may lead to have effect in their job prospects. Also it is true fact that more than chronological resumes, functional resumes are valued much as it emphasis about the applicant’s strongest skills.


After a period of time of applying to a job, the individual has to practice following up with the concern probably after a week regarding whether the job opening has been closed or if they are in further information about them and so on. This makes the concern to feel that he or she is a serious applicant and they in turn will look into their profile.