How to create apps for your business

create appsWho does not know about apps these days? Of course, everyone does. And moreover we have hundreds and thousands of apps these days. For example, we have apps for searching restaurants, movie halls and places and so on. Even you can create an app of yours. And if you happen to have a business of your own, it will be an additional profit for your business. You can create it all by yourself with the help of software. With the help of these small apps you can either charge your users or you can distribute them freely in market. In either ways, you will be making profit for your business.

So here is something which you could try doing. You can logon to and create an app. You will find some really wonderful options which will help you in your quest to create apps. All you have to do is log in to this website and you are all set to create applications. Once you create a login id, you will enter into the home page. First you will be given a few templates from which you will have to select the one you want to use. You will find some of the created applications as examples such as Car Dealership apps, Christmas apps, and Celebrity News apps and so on. Now if you take the example of Christmas app, then you get to design your Christmas card with the help of it and similarly for others too.

Once you decide which template to use, you click on the select option. You can select a blank template or the one which has few built in settings. Then you can select in which view you want your app to be in. For example, it might be iPhone view or Android phone view or even web page view. You also can select the device display such as Nexus S, HTC Desire C, Nexus 4 and so on. All of this will not alter the settings of your app though, and only helps you decide the template of your app, which will suit all devices. So now you have selected the template, you will have to mention the name of your app. Everytime you create an app you cannot keep naming them as App1, App2, App3 and so on. Sometimes you yourself will get confused as to which app is what. So you name it based on the work it is used for.

Then you select the platform on which you want your app to be. You will find options such as native iPhone, native iPad, native Android and web page. Please keep in mind that the app set for web page platform will work on all devices but the app set for native iPhone platform will not work in Android devices and vice versa.

Then you go on to select the navigation method, i.e. the way you want your users to navigate in your app. You can either customize your tab or you can go with the standard one here. Finally, you click Done button.

So now you have created the app for your business, which is ready to be used.