Learn How to Breed Crystal Red Shrimps

Breed Crystal Red ShrimpsThere is an increasing popularity in breeding Crystal Red Shrimps, which is a similar specie as the bee shrimp. The only difference between the two is the color, as the crystal red shrimps come with distinct red spots on their body. Find out more about how to breed this interesting shrimp specie as you read along, or visit for further details on how to care for and maintain crystal red shrimps.


It is important for breeders to avoid mixing crystal red shrimps with regular bee shrimps. Since they are of the same species, they are likely to interbreed. Over time, this may lead to having a reduced population of red shrimps. In fact, some owners who have tried breeding these two types of shrimps ended up having half black and half crystal red shrimps.

It is also worth noting that crystal red shrimps come from a smaller gene, which makes them very sensitive when it comes to breeding. The crystal red shrimps we see today only have their common ancestors, which came from a Japanese breeder who happened to dicover three red variants produced by regular bee shrimps. He decided to breed these shrimps, and that led to redder offsprings. Then, he decided to continue breeding these species, which resulted to the crystal red shrimps you can find at present.


The best place to keep your crystal red shrimps is in a planted aquarium. This is the perfect environment for these creatures because that gives them ample places to hide, explore and find food to eat. In most cases, these shrimps do not bother themselves with consuming healthy plants, and they seem to be only interested in eating algae and debris. They prefer to eat soft food items, although they may snack on riccia and mosses occasionally.

When combining crystal red shrimps with fish, it is best to choose small and friendly creatures that has the same preferences in terms of water condition. Generally, shrimps thrive well in an aquarium with dark water. Be sure to avoid using chemicals in tanks where you keep your crystal red shrimps, since these substances may poison and kill these creatures.

As much as possible, make it a point to change the water once a week. Lastly dechlorinated water is recommended for use when caring for crystal red shrimps.

Learn How to Breed the Right Way

Crystal red shrimps have been know for years because of their attractive and extraordinary colors. The growing fascination in these shrimps is also due to the lucrative income potential that comes along in caring for these creatures. So, if you are interested in learning how to breed crystal red shrimps properly, then you should use a reliable resource that could teach you the right way to do so.

Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp is an eBook that offers you a comprehensive guide on how to breed, care and maintain this particular shrimp specie. You can also gain tips on how to source and sell your stocks to different buyers, among several other topics covered in this guide. Thus, everything you need to know to breeding and growing these shrimps are found in the Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp eBook, which is perfect for newbies and experienced breeders alike.